Measure Physiology With Temporary Tatoo

Flexible adhesive circuits that comfortably attach to the skin to monitor heart rate and other vital signs.  This would be a huge step in creating unobtrusive methods for physiological self-tracking.  Information such as heart rate, skin conductance, skin temperature, heart rate variability, and even motion, could be monitored using something with a temporary tatoo form factor.  This would be a definite evolution from the current paradigm of relatively bulky devices worn around the wrist or arm.

It wasn’t mentioned but an EEG with a similar form factor would open the door for brain-wave monitoring in everyday context, something not feasible with the current bulkier headsets.

Correlates between neural/physiological measures and states of consciousness have been established.  If we could monitor those states in real time, then perhaps methods of continually fostering a shift in consciousness could be developed.

PopSci article [link]

Original article in Science [link]