Leonardo Reach

Leonardo is one of the stars of the MIT Media Lab, Personal Robots Group.  It was created as a collaboration between Cynthia Brezeal and Stan Winston Studios.  More information is available here.


I worked with Leonardo through a range of projects during my time at the Media Lab.  A short term project I worked on with Lenoardo focused on enabling dynamic and realtime ‘grasping’ of objects.  Leo’s hands aren’t really set up for grasping, so its more about moving them into designated positions for pushing buttons and pointing, etc.  There were close to a dozen degrees of freedom involved with those motions, and less than ideal positioning on the joints (pot/encoder on the motor).  We ended up using the existing Vicon motion tracking system to monitor the position of Leo’s hand and use that real world position to update the model in real time.

In collaboration with the wonderful Personal Robots Group, MIT Media Lab.