MuFUwECoRe stands for Multi-Function Underwater Environmental Condition Recorder and it is pronounced moo foo way core. The goal was to redesign a bio-logger to record underwater behavior of elephant seals primarily, but other marine wildlife also. It was designed to continuously monitor many aspects of an elephant seals surroundings and behavior throughout the course of one year including the capability to withstand depths of over 2000 meters. The biologger sits comfortably on the head of the seal and is very compact in design.

This was my senior design project and a great introduction to the world of embedded systems and real world design.  We worked directly with biologists from UC Santa Cruz, as well as mentors from industry.  It was also an excellent experience in leading a team of engineers.  Beyond the engineering challenges, I was also responsible for maintaining project status, deadlines, presentations, and meetings.  In the time I worked on the project we tested the device underwater, but never on an animal.  I’m not sure what the current status is…

More information can be found here.

In collaboration with the MuFUwECoRe team.